It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are some of the HARDEST working people on the planet. There are always goals, tasks and deadlines to accomplish and a fire always needs to be put out at some point.

But what happens when the energy just isn’t there? 

Look at these natural ways to boost your energy levels to stay at the top of your entrepreneurial game. 

Because who wants to continually rely on products, energy drinks and constant caffeine to keep the sluggishness at bay? Don’t rely on band-aid solutions that can result in bigger energy crashes later!


  1. Sleep

    When you’re busy and have an empire to run, sleep is always the first things that can easily get pushed to the back burner. But it shouldn’t be! It’s been estimated that roughly 25% of the population doesn’t sleep enough, which means you may be missing out on vital rest time.

    So, try to get that 7-9 hours of sleep per night to be more alert and productive throughout the day!


  1. Move More

    Moving your body, no matter your preferred method, helps to increase your mental capacity to focus better and increases your physical ability to do more!

    Exercise also helps to reduce anxiety and feel more positive, which we all know is important when it comes to the high level of stress many entrepreneurs feel.

    While it may seem difficult to get up and start moving when your energy is at its lowest, don’t feel like you have to get up and run a marathon. Even taking a quick 10-minute walk around the block can decrease tiredness by 65%, while increasing your focus and attention.


  1. Stay Hydrated

    Start your day with a huge glass of water, not coffee! While you can still have that cup of Joe, just make sure you’re having a big glass of water, first!

    Not a huge water lover? Green tea with lemon (and without sugar) is an excellent alternative, as are eating a lot of fruits that are juicy.

    The exact amount of water you need depends on your and your body, but it’s a standard rule of thumb that most people need to drink at least 64 oz of fluid per day. Not necessarily just water, but make sure it’s a hydrating liquid. 


  1. Listen to Some Tunes

    It’s no secret that music can affect your mood, whether you’re hitting the gym or looking for something relaxing before bed. Music is something you can use to help you feel more energized, too!

    Music releases endorphins and fast-paced songs can increase your heartbeat and alter your mood. That means it makes you feel more alert and ready to take on the day!

    Therefore, work on listening to your favorite upbeat tunes when you need a little pick-me-up. It can also reduce feelings of negativity and improve your productivity and gives you a sense of “purpose”.

    So, crank those tunes!


  1. Stand Up and Get Outside During the Workday

    During most of our workdays, we are indoors and under lightbulbs, which makes our bodies function less than optimally. You may feel lethargic, dreary and down. If you’re looking for a burst of energy, it may just be as simple as getting outside and getting some exposure to natural daylight! It can improve your mood and increase your energy.

    Spend a few minutes getting outside and soaking up some sunshine! It will elevate your mood and re-energize you for your upcoming activities.

    When you spend a majority of your day hunched over a keyboard and staring at a computer screen, it’s no wonder you can start to feel sluggish. That’s why standing up and getting a little breather can be so important to your energy levels.

    It also doesn’t hurt to get your circulation going and to refocus your mind on the rest of your goals for the day. 


  1. Get Social

    Social connections are important for maintaining good mental health. They can also boost your energy! Social isolation can cause low mood and tiredness, so make sure you’re taking some time to mix and mingle with coworkers, or even getting out for a lunch date with a close friend.

    Not sure how to get the interactions you may need? Perhaps you could join a social club that meets during lunch hours or join a different club that may work on your hobby that will get you out and about.

    Even if it’s just a quick walk outside with your best office buddy, get a quick shot of adrenaline and energy by making that social connection. Just make sure it’s someone you want to be around!

    Taking some of these steps to get back control of your energy levels is so important to become the highly productive entrepreneur you need to be. Get recharged and feel great!

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