When starting a new business, many things can be stressful, including what to do for office space. Many start-ups only have a few people who work for them in the beginning, so renting out a larger office space is generally cost-prohibitive. And running a new business out of the founder’s home can be difficult when it comes to work-life balance and separating business from the family life. 

This is where shared office space can come to the rescue! Because of the growth of shared workplaces many entrepreneurs have a brand-new option to help create a successful start-up that has many benefits!


1. Cost

It can take time for a new business to earn a profit. This can make co-working spaces a good option for a start-up. Co-working spaces provide many benefits in a work environment without costing as much as a regular office space complex would be.

Employees also get access to many different amenities that a start-up would otherwise be unable to provide. Things such printers, copiers, internet access and the perks of networking can all be done on a limited budget of a new business. That means they can use any remaining cash they have to grow their company and improve things in a faster timeframe. People can also take advantage of conference rooms that are provided (most important for potential client meetings to increase sales for a new business). 


2. Flexibility

It can be hard to know what the future holds when you are starting a new business. Locking yourself into a several year office space lease and spending money you’re not sure you have yet can be detrimental and hard to come back from. 

But working in a shared office environment means that a start-up company can reduce the risk and responsibility to support their own office space. It allows an owner to be nimble and they can move away from a co-working space with ease if it’s not working out. Or, they can expand easily if they need a few more seats. Shared office space generally has flexible plan, cost and space options, which makes it easy to scale up or down, as needed. Now that is the kind of flexibility a new business needs! 


3. Reduce Risk

Working in a shared office space lets a new business test things out and not get in over their head easily. This means a start-up will be able to understand their target market better without being stressed by office costs. They can try new things while knowing that they have a little more capability of making a couple mistakes in the beginning, since they don’t have office overhead. 


4. Increased Brainstorming

Many new businesses will benefit from increased discussions and brainstorming from the few employees they have, which makes a shared space easy to work in. Co-working spaces help individuals discuss items openly and get more ideas for what they are working on, which can ultimately be beneficial for a new business. 


5. Networking and Events

Networking is a great way to help your start-up grow and many co-working spaces provide different networking events as a part of membership. There are always things a new business can grow and learn from. Surrounding yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses can help build confidence, relationships and sales potential! 

Some co-working spaces also offer things like happy hours, workshops or guest speaker events, where it could make all the difference in the world for your start-up!

New businesses need to make sure they are making every penny count in the early days. Shared office space can help them do it! By making sure a co-working space has the benefits you need, and the rates are within your means, it’s a great alternative to help a new business succeed! Please let us know if we can help.

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