We live in a time when technology has greatly changed the way that we work. Not only do we not have to be in an office, but we do not even have to be home to accomplish our jobs. Granted, COVID-19 has changed the way everyone works right now, but eventually, things will return to a more normal situation. What does that mean for an entrepreneur who can truly “work from anywhere”?

Thanks to co-working spaces, many entrepreneurs are able to go on vacation and still be plugged in at work: they can head over to the local co-working location and, for a fee, get required work done while still having the flexibility to explore a new city. Co-working spaces are the ideal solution to those who want to travel, as they have solid Wi-Fi and give people a place to set-up a work base when they are in an unfamiliar area.

Some travel companies even offer co-working vacation packages in far-away places. That may not be available during the pandemic, but it is something to think about for future vacations. How great to already know where you can work and know that if you have the ability to travel for an undisclosed amount of time, your work will still be completed! These are the true benefits of online-based businesses and entrepreneurs. You can work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection!

But can you really count it as a vacation if you are working? Yes! Studies have found that people are more relaxed, which leads to better decision-making, working smarter, and getting more done with the limited time they have. What’s better than ducking into a co-working space, getting some work done that needs your attention, than heading out to soak up the fun at your vacation destination?!

Furthermore, who absolutely dreads the Monday after a vacation? Now, they do not have to be awful. Instead of going back to work overwhelmed with everything that was not done while you were on vacation, you can monitor and handle anything critical right away.

And let’s face it. If you are an entrepreneur, you may not simply have the luxury of unplugging for an extended period of time. You may NEED to be available for a portion of each day. So why not take comfort in knowing that you can get what you need to get done while enjoying a vacation like everyone else?! It is better than the alternative of never being able to go anywhere!

In the end, we may see more of a global shift in remote working. Co-working spaces may be the perfect solution for a traveler who needs to work, with independence and flexibility. Because so many have been working from home over the last several months, thanks to COVID-19, it is clear it can work. That may even mean this new type of lifestyle will work beyond just online entrepreneurs and a new revolution will occur! It will mean a shift is possible in the entire corporate model, with more remote-based employees, who do not have to sit at home to get their work done and can travel at the same time! The possibilities are endless.

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