2020 has been one for the books. It is hard to believe we’re heading into the final weeks of a year that didn’t seem like it would ever end! And while many of us will be glad to say adios to 2020, things might not change too much for the beginning of 2021. We know what you are thinking… more working from home? With my family at my heels? Is there no peace and quiet? Are you one zoom call away from completely losing control? That is where The Docking Station comes in.

Now that the colder months are settling into our state, we know that Cabin Fever may also be settling in. Yes, in the summer it was easier to at least work outside. Maybe out on the porch, or the deck. The family could spread out a bit more and enjoy the warm weather. But now? Now it is back to reality in the confines of your home. Everyone is on top of each other and it feels like you may just blow your top. So why not head down to The Docking Station and get some sanity back? We offer many different options for a productive work environment that may be just what you need to get your work-life balance back.

Could your team benefit from a bit of creative energy that happens when everyone is in the same room together? While your office may be closed, The Docking Station has great conference rooms available for you to book for your team to work together in person. An added bonus? We have all of the technology and business needs that you are looking for with a reliable WiFi that won’t get bogged down by your entire family being on it at the same time (we’re looking at you, Virtual School!).

We know that your health and safety are the most important things, so you can feel comfortable that The Docking Station has you covered. With more stringent cleaning protocols, as well as socially distanced common areas, we have worked hard to make you feel safe and protected when you are working in our facilities. Not everyone on your team may feel comfortable getting back together in-person, and that’s OK! With our amazing AV capabilities in our conference rooms, get the gang back together at The Docking Station, while allowing those who would prefer to stay home the ability to do so by calling in.

This winter it may be more important than ever to occasionally get out of the house to work (and for the sake of everyone in your home). The Docking Station is the perfect solution for that cabin fever that is taking its toll. Stay safely distanced for the day or grab a private desk for a larger timeframe with our different flexible options. We’re here for you!

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