2020 has definitely been like no other! We have seen how quickly things can change and how businesses, schools, and our lives can truly be turned upside-down in a matter of days. But we have also seen innovation like no other over the course of the year. And to us, that is especially exciting!

As discussed in this great article from Entrepreneur, online entrepreneurship is already taking off. Many individuals have found themselves in uncharted waters when it comes to their own jobs, which has given them the push they needed to start their own business. And when it comes to sharing and selling skills and knowledge online, what better place to do that than in a co-working space like The Docking Station!

In 2019, the online course market was already forecast to be worth $300 billion by 2025. This year has only made that timeline speed up, thanks to COVID-19. And why wouldn’t people start working to take their careers into their own hands after how unpredictable the year has been? 

This can be particularly true for business owners who have a brick-and-mortar building but are revamping themselves into an online world. We saw this firsthand with an innovative local bakery, who when shut down, decided to take their goods online for customers to purchase, contact-free. They also created cookie decorating kits for families to enjoy while they were home together. In addition, they offered full meals delivered straight to a customer’s home – even holiday meals! What could have been a major crisis with lockdowns and their revenue stream ending was mitigated by their ability to reinvent themselves.

Co-working spaces also offer different opportunities for their members to network, which can be a Godsend for someone looking to start or scale an online business. It is also a great opportunity to send messages to your co-working partners to see if anyone has the experience in what you are looking for. They may be willing to help you out in better understanding a new platform you need to learn or point you in the right direction. 

Overall, knowledge entrepreneurs have a relatively seamless path to enter the world of owning a business or reinventing themselves. With all the technological advances available, it is easier than ever to deliver great content, update websites and offer online stores without a large amount of money stuck in overhead. 

Not to mention, they continue to offer a great way for people to stay connected through portals, online learning and webinars created for clients. And that can be managed from a great co-working space, where the entrepreneur can stay connected to great like-minded business owners! What a perfect way to establish a community through a new business!

2020 has created the perfect storm for entrepreneurs to create a new online business. And it has also created the perfect way for co-working spaces to produce the perfect climate for those trends and communities to grow!

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