We have all been getting used to the new normal that the last year has brought, with so many regular offices still shut down indefinitely. Some have welcomed the flexibility to work from home, but there are many others who crave a more consistent routine without the distractions of family life underfoot. Enter, the Coworking Space. Coworking is poised on becoming the new normal, as many entrepreneurs and employees still working from home are looking for a space where they can get their work done productively, yet still have the feel of having a home-y atmosphere with plenty of space to roam. Learn more now about How Coworking Spaces Are the New Home Office.

  1. Coworking Spaces Provide the Extras the Home Doesn't

    Need to use some multimedia equipment for a larger presentation you are doing virtually, or need to use a high-powered printer to easily handle the report you need to copy for management? These are just some of the extras you will find in a Coworking Space, which aren't readily available from home.

  2. Networking Opportunities

    People crave connection and community. It has become apparent during the pandemic that people suffer from loneliness and isolation when cut off from others. The Coworking space can be the perfect solution for that much-needed human contact. With precautions in place, many people will leave their home offices for a work environment that provides networking opportunities and collaboration. Just being in earshot of other people can provide a mental boost for many.

    Several Coworking spaces offer networking opportunities and different professional services that are the perfect way to stay in touch when their employers' main office is closed. Particularly for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations with few employees, networking is a huge benefit of working in this kind of space.

  3. Separating Home and Work

    Coworking spaces provide the benefit of taking a breather from the home office, where partners and children may also be working or taking part in school day activities. Let's face it, many employees like having their work and personal lives separated. With many companies adopting a hybrid or remote work model, some employees are even choosing to leave the big city altogether and find more solace in a smaller town or suburb community, where the cost of living is more affordable. But the draw of being out of the house a couple of times a week is still there.

    Many employees may also find that a Coworking space is much closer for them to go to regularly than their main office was, which is a big benefit in the form of reduced commuting costs. Some companies are even reshaping remote work policies to offer stipends towards daily passes at Coworking spaces.

In addition, working from home all the time is simply not for everyone. Many will want to return to some sort of office space, which they may find is a Coworking space. Coworking spaces are working hard to adapt to new sanitation and floor layout strategies, which means a safe environment will be available for anyone wishing to work outside of the home on a regular basis while staying safe.

And innately, people like having a choice. No matter what it may be about. People want to have the flexibility to work from home or an office on their own terms when they need it.

Therefore, Coworking spaces are here to stay, and the pandemic has only solidified its standing as a preferable workspace solution. The Coworking space is the perfect solution to bridge the gap between working from home and working at a main office. With the ability to provide flexibility in terms of how often a person is there, it’s exactly what people need. Coincidentally, we just happen to know of a place! Check out our Coworking Membership options right here.

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