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At a time when many have been forced to work from home, often in isolation (and dealing with loneliness, anxiety, stress, and burnout), thinking about heading back into the office may not be such a bad thing. However, many businesses have seen the financial benefit they can obtain by not having large office spaces anymore. So, what is the solution? Hybrid work solutions that include Coworking spaces!

Coworking offers people the ability to network and support one another, while still maintaining a safe distance and the freedom to choose WHEN they want to stay home or head into a space that offers collaboration. It is a more "distributed" way to engage a workforce with people having more flexibility in when and where they work. It truly is the best of both worlds for the employee or entrepreneur who is looking to work in a productive, safe, and regular work hub with all the amenities of an office. Below are the main reasons Why Coworking Spaces Will Take Charge and Shape The Future of Work:

  1. Balance
    Many are finding work-life balance difficult as they work from home exclusively. They have distractions at home, find themselves working more hours because of those distractions, which leads to a diminished work-life balance. This is where the hybrid model comes in with the Coworking space. It provides a "secondary space" for people when working from home just isn't the most practical. Coworking spaces will provide the balance many individuals are missing, which will increase productivity and job satisfaction.

  1. Engagement
    Social interaction is a must-have for people. Coworking spaces will provide that common community space where individuals can get together for in-person collaboration, where innovation many times is the result.

    Human connection and a simple change of scenery helps keep mental health in-check. Coworking spaces often also provide support networks for personal and professional development. It can be hard to find the motivation or resources to learn from others when you're working from home, but when you're in a Coworking space, you can observe other best workplace practices that may make all of the difference!

  1. Needed Business Infrastructure
    Let's face it, sometimes at home, the infrastructure is just not there (like it is in a professional setting). How many times have you been on a virtual meeting over the last year, just to have the wi-fi go out because everyone in your family is using it for one thing or another? In a Coworking space, you will have the reliable wi-fi you need, along with other resources like high-volume printers, copy machines or other items you may need for starting and growing a business. Coworking spaces also have the means to host workshops and events, if needed, which you certainly may find more difficult to do in your home.

  1. Increased Safety Technology
    Many may feel a bit leery on venturing out after spending over a year in lockdown and working from home. But many Coworking spaces are working to increase the technology used to make sure their members stay safe. Things like voice tech systems and sensors are being looked at, which helps people avoid touching surfaces. Things like automatic door openers, automatic faucets in kitchens and bathrooms, along with smart lighting means less people will be touching multiple surfaces during the day. There are also autonomous cleaning solutions like UV light and air quality systems available to make sure disinfection is a priority. Sensors can now be installed in rooms to count how many people are in a room, along with automatic wellness checks happening at all entryways. Coworking spaces are committed to keeping everyone safe in their offices.

  1. Digital Membership
    Some Coworking spaces are looking outside of their normal offerings and launching things like digital memberships to people, as well. What would this include? Things like live-streaming content for members, providing classes and workshops on best practices when working virtually, and similar offerings are provided to keep people as technologically savvy, as possible, for their businesses.

Because of this, Coworking spaces are uniquely positioned to meet the demand many individuals are starting to have to get out of the house, (yet still have the flexibility away from a traditional office). The last year has proven that when people gain the flexibility in their jobs that they yearn for, companies greatly benefit from higher productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

We would like to introduce you to coworking and invite you to join us on the first Friday of each month, on us, so that you can try out the space for yourself:

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