Niche coworking spaces are cropping up more and more, which have unique points of view on what a shared workspace can be all about. It can be helpful to target a group's specific needs, as long as there is demand for that particular niche in your space. But how do they differ from a regular coworking space? If created right, they can provide unique value to different groups and industries with the goal of added amenities making work conditions easier.

Creating a niche coworking space can build a sense of community and can give unique opportunities for collaboration for people in the same industry or market. Some industries that are seeing a rise in the offering of niche coworking spaces are:

  • The Legal Profession
    With upgraded facilities and expanded amenities that meet lawyers' demands, this niche can create a network where ideas can be shared in a collaborative space. Designs can be specific for this market, which would include private offices along with various sized meeting spaces that are reservable for client meetings and depositions.

    Different technology can also be embraced to ensure things like printing remain secure, where a code needs to be punched in before printing will resume. This ensures privacy, along with accurate billing for the different firms and members who use the niche coworking space.

    Let’s say you have a case that involves legal work outside of your expertise. You can consult your fellow coworkers and request them to co-counsel on the case. Boom! That is an incredible perk right there for lawyers, whether they are newly out of law school or looking to branch out on their own. 

  • Wellness Businesses
    This specialized niche may see more services offered that focus on wellness, such as more standing desks, healthier snacks offered, a small gym or things similar. Yoga and meditation programs, along with other healthy events and activities are also often scheduled.

  • Female Entrepreneurs
    This type of space can be seen as more comfortable and welcoming to women, while providing unique opportunities for networking and collaboration. Specific financial advising events may be held along with book clubs, educational workshops, and happy hours. Even nursing rooms are a regular commodity with the coworking space being an overall empowering place to be.

    This can give women the ability to work without fearing harassment and is designed to accommodate female needs and preferences when many women work in male-dominated industries.

  • Musicians
    Many amenities that musicians look for may be difficult to find and may be impossible to pull off at home. That's why different areas like soundproof practice and recording rooms are established, where it's easy to pull off the practicing needed regularly. There are also musical equipment shops where it's easy to find what one is looking for, along with photo studios to create any kind of graphic work they may need for their music. 

  • Dog-Lovers
    Instead of leaving your furry friend home along all day, you can now bring them with you to become part of this niche community!  One of the main benefits is that keeping dogs in the workplace can extend to other members, as well. Numerous studies have shown that dogs boost happiness and reduce stress, which makes it a fun and friendly place to belong. 

  • Green
    With the rising awareness of climate change and the impact our choices have on the planet, this niche would focus on areas that are built based on principles of sustainability, zero waste and solar power.  Members are encouraged to share more resources and supplies. Many may even have an organic garden with an outdoor setting available. You may also find the option to use a car-sharing hub or to share bikes, which this target market would greatly appreciate, especially in an urban setting.

    As you can see, The Value of Niche Coworking Spaces is huge! They can be personalized hubs for more centered collaboration and networking. By offering the services and amenities targeted towards niche members, there can be a greater feeling of cohesion and community where it is the perfect place for inclusivity. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by those who have the same interests and needs, where you can find your tribe!

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