When is the last time you sat down and had dinner with your family on a weeknight? Can you remember the last time you didn’t have to text your significant other that it would be “another late night”? We have a tendency to think that working all the time is the only way to be the most productive we can be.

But in truth, longer hours can oftentimes lead to ineffective work since fatigue and burnout rates increase with long hours. So how do you make the most of your time without pulling another all-nighter at the office? Work smarter. We’ve put together a handful of our favorite tips on how to make the most of your workday.

  1. Organize your workday.

Develop a daily schedule and stick to it. Set aside specific time each day to attend to your tasks such as answering emails, making phone calls, writing reports. Keeping a daily schedule of these tasks will make it much less likely that anything will get overlooked.

  1. Learn to say no.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, there is a limit to how much we can do and the only way to do those things well is to manage that limit. If you are at capacity, don’t take on that extra client. If a project is suggested and it doesn’t seem that the outcome will be worth the effort, say no. Use your time to focus on the things you can get done and then do them well.

  1. Have a plan for everything.

One of the biggest time wasters is having to redo a task you didn’t do well the first time around. Create a plan that includes everything you need to accomplish the task. What do you need to have one hand? What might a sufficient time frame for said task be? And have your plan include tracking and following up on items so you don’t end up wasting time because you weren’t thorough enough the first time around.

  1. Take time for yourself.

Don’t get so caught up in your work identity that you forget there is another “you”. Schedule time for yourself, your family, your health and well-being. And then treat that schedule as seriously as you do your daily work to-do list.

By working smarter there is every chance you will find that you are actually more productive than you were before. You may find yourself more organized, more motivated and hopefully less stressed!  We understand being productive, so please check out our great facilities and professional environment: http://thedockingstation.spaces.nexudus.com/en/about



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