By now you have probably heard about coworking but have you tried it? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? We know there are some common misconceptions regarding coworking so we thought we’d clear a few up for you.

Only for Startups, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

While it’s true that startups and solopreneurs tend to dominate the coworking world, that doesn’t mean you’ll be shunned if you happen to work for a larger company. Quite the opposite is true! Coworking spaces work well for just about anyone. It’s an excellent option for remote employees or corporate employees looking for a more dynamic working environment. It offers a more flexible work arrangement and can help employees cut down on costs of commuting. It can even save companies from the need for a centralized headquarters.

Too Noisy and Distracting

Yes, it is a shared space. And yes, the idea behind coworking is to foster a community of like-minded business people. Because of this, you will most likely find some level of chatter, noise and action but coworking spaces also encourage respect and privacy for your fellow co-workers. If you think that any level of noise will be bothersome you can always pop in some earbuds and most coworking spaces will have private rooms for those times when you need to meet with clients or hold a company meeting. (Check out ours here!)

Everyone Must Collaborate

But you just came to get some work done on your own, and you don’t want to talk to anyone! That’s no problem. Just because coworking spaces are meant to encourage community doesn’t mean you have to do a darn thing. Some people like to network and bounce ideas off like-minded people and coworking spaces are great for that. But they are just as good at being a comfortable place for you to sit and get a few hours of work done without having to talk to a single person.

So our next question is: What are you waiting for? We encourage you to give coworking a chance!

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