When looking into a space that is suitable for your needs, these 10 things will help you find the perfect spot.

  1. Location
    Nothing should be more important than choosing the best location for your new co-working space. What do you need the space for? For example, if you foresee the need to host meetings, will it be easy for your clients to find the co-working space? Will it leave a good impression on a potential client you may be meeting with?

    On the other hand, you may frequently work alone and would prefer to find somewhere smaller and that is quiet. 

    Also think about what is nearby. Is it important to you to have restaurants, bars or shops close by? Are you going to have to pay extra for parking or does the co-working space include parking for their tenants? All of these are important to think about.

  2. Amenities
    Do you want the latest and greatest in all types of technology? Do you expect a fully-equipped workspace to be provided for the price you’re paying?

    Most would agree that free and reliable Wi-Fi is at the top of that amenities list. What is the protocol at your co-working space if the internet goes down? Make sure wherever you end up working, the space has the bandwidth to provide internet for all their tenants.

    Other things to consider are complimentary coffee and tea and providing unlimited printing and photocopying. Another big amenity may be having access to a kitchen with a fridge and plates. It’s up to you what matters.

    Also know up front what is included and what isn’t. Some things may not be important enough to you to pay a premium monthly fee for, which will help you choose.

  3. Meeting Rooms
    When you’re working in a coffee shop, it can be hard to get the privacy you may need for important calls or impromptu meetings. That’s why another benefit of using a co-working space may be the ability to use meeting rooms, whiteboards and projectors to easily handle these needs.

  4. Commute
    Along with location, it’s important to consider the amount of time you’re willing to travel to get to a new co-working space. You can travel at off times to make the commute easier and you can choose different packages that don’t require you to be there everyday. The good news is it is completely up to you on what may work with your needs!

  5. Cleaning Services
    Unfortunately, when you work from home you still have to waste valuable time cleaning up after yourself that could be better served being productive at work. So, make sure your co-working space provides a cleaning service for you and it is included as part of your fee.

  6. Budget
    Your budget may even be more important to you than the specific location, so make sure you know up front what is and isn’t covered in monthly rent. While paying for a co-working space can be much more affordable than paying rent in an office, only you know what you can actually afford.

  7. Flexible Office Hours
    Not a morning person and want to stay in the office a little later in the day? Or would you prefer to get a jump on the day and head in at the crack of dawn? The great thing about co-working spaces is the flexibility it provides to work with your own schedule. Just make sure you have the capability to enter the office whenever your most productive and know what the security protocol is, as well.

  8. Tenants
    Ask for a list of the tenants that occupy the co-working spaces you are looking for. If you do more freelance, you may want something that has more freelancers that you can connect with and may be a little more low-key.

    Also, ask around! Meet some of the tenants and ask what they like and don’t like about the space. You will want to make sure you are working in an environment that you feel comfortable in.

  9. Seating Options
    Most co-working spaces offer a variety of seating options, with membership types accommodating the different levels. That could be anything from a private office to a seat at a community table. If you want a place that you can go to just a few times a month, you may also consider just purchasing a day passes.

    Think about how you best work effectively and what is ideal for you. Are you going to be using a simple laptop or do you require multiple monitors to get your job done? Want to make sure you can lounge for a bit on some comfortable couches or work at a standing desk? Or maybe you want space for a team of workers.

  10. Events
    Many co-working spaces provide different opportunities to network for tenants. That could be anything from weekly community events like talks from local entrepreneurs or other influential people.

    Or they may offer special events, workshops or gatherings for their members. It’s up to you if this is something that piques your interest. Perhaps you would prefer to find a place to get your job done and doesn’t focus as much on socializing that may be a distraction to you.

Whatever your needs, hopefully this helped narrow down your choices to finding a co-working space and has you focused on the key things that are important to you. Good luck! And please check us out at The Docking Station!

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