There is no doubt that after many, many hours of logging in time at home, loneliness may creep in for entrepreneurs, even before the current pandemic made its debut. When you start your own business online, it may seem like the perfect gig. No more commute, no more set hours and you can be your own boss. 

There is so much freedom in your new gig! However, while there may be a great online community of friends and contacts that you can reach out to anytime, it’s not quite the same as the in-person human interaction. Many feel a stab of loneliness creep in as they are home more and more, which can profoundly affect the mental health of individuals. Is there an answer that brings balance to this problem?

Enter Co-Working.

Working alongside a group of like-minded individuals and fellow entrepreneurs in person, on your own terms, may be the perfect solution for any entrepreneurial loneliness. Yes, you may have set up the perfect at-home office and you have the freedom to travel and work from wherever you want. But that does not mean that not having any personal interaction with people doesn’t get a little strange. That is where a co-working space is the perfect solution. 

Co-Working Benefits

Co-working can satisfy that social gathering need for people who are still working independently, but who share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen when working with like-minded individuals in the same place. An added bonus? Since individuals aren’t working for the same business, there aren’t the office politics or direct competition that may be felt in a typical office environment.

Yes, you can always trek to your local coffee shop or cafe, but chances are, it’s going to be noisy. It’s easy to get distracted with people constantly coming and going and it can get a bit expensive to continually get those lattes in order to not feel like a freeloader. 

Many co-working spaces often provide great services like printing, faxing, meeting rooms and other office needs that you may not have at home. It can basically act like your own office that you can utilize at your convenience. And many offer different social events where members can socialize, network, and gain new leads. It’s not surprising then that 89% of entrepreneurs report feeling happier when working in a co-working environment, while 83% report that they are less lonely. While 64% of entrepreneurs reported that the networking they had gained from their co-working space had been an important source of work and business referrals!

Co-Working Collaborations

There is something about being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, growing their own businesses in a structured environment that can help to motivate and inspire you! You have the chance to talk to them about what is happening in your business, and vice versa. What a great way to start up friendships, collaborations, and networking opportunities that you never would have had the chance to do without a co-working space!

Many entrepreneurs love the fact that co-working spaces are so easy to work at when they want. It can offer a great balance of working from home, along with getting out of the house to have that human interaction. And since co-working spaces often offer daily, weekly, or monthly rates, it’s the perfect way to cure that loneliness on whatever budget you can afford. 

Co-Working During the Pandemic

But what if you are not comfortable heading out into the world in today’s trying times? Many co-working spaces are offering virtual options to connect and network with members during the pandemic. Or do some research and head to different online forums where you can “meet” to at least have the ability to get together with like-minded individuals. Not meeting up in person will not last forever, but at least there is a way to still set your intentions and be with other individuals remotely.

Entrepreneurship can be hard and stressful, as well as lonely. Many of us crave the social interaction that a community can bring. And with co-working spaces bringing a greater degree of satisfaction, happiness, and engagement among its members, now may be the perfect time to look into a co-working space around you. Know you are not alone if you feel lonely in your business. It can be difficult, but with these tips, you will make it through the other side. 

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