Forget everything you hated about those dreaded college group projects. That’s kid stuff. Now you can create your own “group” project. Mastermind groups can be a fun, resourceful and fresh way to get ideas.  You’ve heard the saying “two heads are better than one” so then three, four, five or more must be the best, right? But just how do you form your own mastermind group? We’ve provided a few tips.

Picking a topic:  Your topic can be as broad or as narrow as you’d like. It can be related to specific goals or a combination of different purposes. The important thing is that the entire group believes in the reason for the group’s existence and the specific outcome you hope to produce.

Choosing your members: Find like minded people who are different enough so that everyone can bring that little something of their own to the table. Are you all solo entrepreneurs? Do you all have similar skill or success levels? Maybe you all just like beer. It doesn’t matter what you have in common as long as you all have a drive to reach/exceed your goals and the desire and inspiration to make it happen. And are willing and able to support and encourage each other along the way.

Getting everyone together: Pick a time and place to meet and stick to it. Find a place (or places, if you want to mix it up a little) to meet with things like internet access, outlets for everyone, a screen projector, coffee and any other thing that will make your meetings as successful as possible. Then pick the times to meet and be precise – start on time and end on time.

Running the meetings: It’s helpful to start the meetings by asking a) What everyone is working on b) what do they need help with and c) what did they learn. Such as, does anyone have a podcast or service or product that would benefit someone else in the group. Once you have a few meetings under your belts the agenda can be a little less structured and based upon what any particular member may want to discuss that session. Make sure to end the meetings by setting goals to be reached for the next time.

What will you get out of it: By gathering together a number of like minded people you get everything from mutual support, differing perspectives as well as accountability and various resources.

Life doesn’t run very smoothly without goals. So why not choose a few people and get together and help each other achieve your own goals?

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