Most of us have had a traditional office at some point in our careers. Maybe your office was neatly organized with a clean desktop and files tucked away safely in perfectly labeled folders in your filing cabinet, ready to be accessed on a moment’s notice. Or did your office organizational skills tend more towards the, shall we say, creative? Maybe you had to navigate through a path of items to reach your desk, much like the childhood game of The Floor is Lava. (We’ve been there, it’s cool.) Whatever your style, you may have found that transitioning to a virtual or co-working office space has changed your needs. We’ve put together a few pointers to help you stay, or get back (we’re not judging, we promise!) on track.

Sync all your devices

One downfall of a mobile office is the lack of a permanent desktop to clutter with sticky note reminders. And no longer can you circle important dates in red on your huge desktop blotter/calendar. So, what do you do? Sync every electronic device you have … your phone, laptop, tablet, smart watch, whatever it is. No matter where you are or which one you have with you, all the information you need will be at your fingertips. Plus, most devices give you the added benefit of an actual alarm or timer to keep you on task.  Oh, and don’t forget to keep extra chargers for those devices in your briefcase, bag or car!

Stay on top of your Desktop and Inbox

Just because you don’t have a physical desktop doesn’t mean you can’t become disorganized and lose things on your computer desktop. Take a few minutes at the start or end of each day to sort through anything you may have downloaded to your desktop. Create specific folders, subfolders, categories or tags for the things you need to keep and delete the ones you don’t. Teach yourself how to set up the filters in your email to direct incoming messages to proper folders and assign them levels of importance.

Digitize as much as you can

You can’t be lugging an office worth of physical files with you every day. Nor, we assume, would you want to. A good digital filing system is almost unlimited in its capacity, allows you to share files with others, is secure and allows you to easily search through the documents. If your business deals a lot with actual paper, there are portable scanners you can buy to scan the important documents right to your laptop.

While everyone loves a good game of The Floor is Lava, the flexibility of working from any location you choose (we know one! is a special kind of freedom. So, keep those devices synced, your inbox clean, and your filing digitalized and you’ll be the most organized virtual desk around.

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