With only 24 hours in your day, as a solo entrepreneur, you know how important it is to make the most of each of those hours. But with so many tasks on your to do list and only one you, how do you stay organized? Well, we did a little digging for you and found a few smartphone apps that just might make your day go a little smoother. Check them out! 

One of the most popular ones we have found is the Pocket app. Known as the ‘Save it for Later’ app, this app will allow you to save things from over 1000 mobile apps. It will also allow you to save things from web browsers when a plug-in is added. You can then access the content from any device, even without internet service. Don’t have time to read that article? No problem! Put it in your Pocket. 

You may already be familiar with Dropbox for your desktop, but did you know you can access it with your phone too?  The Dropbox app is helpful for remotely storing your documents, photos, videos and other files. The app also allows you to edit and share docs just as you would on the pc. The app has some cool features like doc scanner, the ability to comment on files, have offline access, and share files even with those without Dropbox.

We’re pretty sure everyone could benefit from the 1Password app. How many times have you written a password down only to lose the piece of paper or forget where you stored it?

1Password allows you to store all your passwords in one safe place online. The app keeps all your passwords protected behind your master password. You can add the app’s browser plug-in, and save account details, credit card details, license information, and even the entries you made on a webpage form.

Another app you are probably somewhat familiar with is Skype, which allows you free instant messaging, video and voice calls, and file sharing. It has paid features that include mobile and landline calls, text messaging and access to Skype Wi-Fi public hotspots. 

A few others that came up in our research were Square, which will allow you to accept credit cards via your mobile device. Wunderlist keeps your professional and personal to do lists synced to all of your devices and available to share with your team. Lastly, CamCard helps you keep all the business cards you gather at networking events organized and in one place. All you need to do is take a picture of your business card and all the details will automatically be uploaded into your phone contacts and other email accounts. 

These are just a few of the many apps we found that can be useful in keeping your busy life organized. Are there any that you recommend? Let us know!

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